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What is the Harveys Hometown Rewards Key?

The Harveys Hometown Rewards Key is the Harveys loyal shopper program. The Rewards key offers many benefits including instant discounts on items throughout the store, great promotions and much more!

What are the benefits?

Not only will you get great offers while you're shopping, you'll also have the opportunity to save even more. Here are a few of the ways having a Rewards key helps:

  • KeyMail - You'll get a copy of our weekly KeyMail newsletter each week. It has information on current promotions, sweepstakes, printable coupons, recipes and more!
  • Key-Osk - Scan your key and get customized coupons inside the store.
  • Mobile Club - Get great offers texted to your mobile phone.
  • Hometown Educational Rewards - This program provides free educational equipment and supplies to local non-profit public and private schools, kindergarten through high school when you sign up using your Rewards key number.
  • Recall Information - You can check for product recalls any time by clicking this link.

How Do I Sign Up?

It's easy and FREE! Just complete an application online or in-store and you'll be provided with your very own Rewards Key. Enroll!

How do I use my Harveys Hometown Rewards Key?

Simply give your Rewards Key to the cashier to scan at checkout, or you can provide you phone number.

Do I need to have a Rewards Key to receive the sale price on items?

Yes. Our weekly specials are only available to Rewards Key holders. Be sure to present your Rewards Key each time you shop. You can also provide telephone number to access the same great rewards!

How do I know what items are on sale?

Simply look for items with the Harveys Hometown Rewards Key. These signs and tags can be found throughout the store.

What happens if I lose my Rewards Key?

Should you lose your Rewards Key or require a new one, just sign-in to your online account and request a new one. You can also ask any Harveys Team Member for a replacement card when you visit the store.

What happens if I forget Rewards Key?

If you forget to bring your Rewards Key simply provide your telephone number to the cashier to unlock the same great rewards!

What if I need more than the number of keys/card provided on the application?

Just fill out another application – you can have as many Rewards Keys as you need!

Is my personal information safe?

Yes. At Harveys we respect your privacy and do not share your personal information with outside partners, except when necessary to provide you with coupons and offers on items that you use.

How do I update my mailing address or personal contact information?

Simply sign-in to your online account, contact customer relations at 1-866-652-6090, or fill out a new application and provide your updated information.



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