Lip Lickin' Chicken wing charcuterie board recipe

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Step 1
Place dressing and sauce in small bowls; arrange bowls and remaining ingredients on wooden board or serving platter.

Nutrition Info

Approximate nutritional values per serving (about 10 ounces wings, 1 1/2 sweet peppers, 2 tablespoons each dressing and hot sauce, 1 each celery rib and radish, 1/2 each carrot and cucumber, 1/8 jalapeño): 870 Calories, 60g Fat, 14g Saturated Fat, 184mg Cholesterol, 2849mg Sodium, 44g Carbohydrates, 4g Fiber, 16g Sugars, 7g Added Sugars, 35g Protein

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Build-Your-Own Charcuterie Board Recipe

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