Poblano-Bacon Guacamole Recipe

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Step 1
In large skillet, cook bacon over medium heat 10 minutes or until crisp, stirring occasionally. Add poblano pepper and cook 2 minutes or until tender, stirring frequently; transfer to papertowel-lined plate.
Step 2
In medium bowl, mash avocados; fold in onion, salsa, cilantro, lime juice, salt, cumin and ¾ of the bacon mixture. Makes about 2½ cups.
Step 3
Top guacamole with remaining bacon mixture, queso fresco andpepper; garnish with lime wedge and serve with chips.

Nutrition Info

Approximate nutritional values per serving (? cup guacamole, 1-ounce chips): 254Calories, 17g Fat (1g Saturated), 3mg Cholesterol, 346mg Sodium, 24g Carbohydrates, 4g Fiber,1g Sugars,5g Protein

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